About Mettā Creative

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🔕 We’re all connected virtually, but disconnected personally

These days we’re all engaging primarily on virtual networks, causing us to lose many of our interpersonal, face-to-face communication skills, even parts of our own personality.

We all know it's difficult to talk to people we haven't met yet... but now days its getting even harder, and the rates of anxiety, depression and loneliness are astronomical.

Human beings have always created "third places" (other than home or work) to connect with others and socialize. Today, there are some community centers, country clubs and senior homes, but for millennials, we don't have a place to make genuine connections with new people 😣

✅ The good news is, we've found a solution.

At Mettā Creative, our mission is to connect and inspire a mettā-driven community to live more sustainably through creative, collaborative, in-person experiences 🌀

🌱In a nutshell, we are a group of friends who want to build a conscious network of mindful people through purposeful, genuine, interactive events. We redefine what it means to party and have fun together in an age of unfulfilling nightlife 👁

🎨Through collaborative art , we help millennials socialize and connect with like minded individuals, explore their creativity, and learn to live more sustainable lifestyle while having a fun time doing it 💃🏽

✨ We provide direction for people to find purpose and fulfillment through intentional, creative outlets, by creating unique, interactive experiences in comfortable, aesthetic environments. 🌸

We are building a healthy community of  mindful people and sustainable organizations, providing places and opportunities for people to engage. 🖤♻️🌞 

If you have any questions for us, wish to join our community, sponsor an event, get involved, etc. please feel free to send us a message! www.mettacreative.world/contact

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