Beauty in the Backyard 2019

A Creative Arts Retreat themed on Re-Connection

15% of profits donated to Zero Hour. #ThisIsZeroHour

October 3rd - October 6th 2019

Camp Ramblewood, MD

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Camping is included.

Parking Passes Are Required for all vehicles.

Cabins sold Separately: Info here!

Tickets below!

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a Creative Arts Retreat

🌞Beauty in the Backyard 2019 is a 4-day creative arts Retreat, Connecting and Inspiring people through collaborative arts, Games & Workshops, Live Performances, a Plant-Based community potluck and Genuine Conversation on a beautiful Campgrounds in Maryland. 🦎

👁 The theme is Re-Connection: with each-other, Ourselves & nature. Beauty in the Backyard is more than just a music festival. It is a transformative experience. you will explore your creativity, Self-Develop, discover amazing music & connect with friends, old and New. 🦋

❤️ Mettā Creative is here to connect and inspire a mettā-driven community to live more sustainably through transformative experiences. 🖤

🌍 Come find out what makes the backyard so beautiful. 🌿

#BITB19 #LiveMetta #PartyWithPurpose


Get Involved.

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