Workshop descriptions and Pre-sign ups

Keep in mind, more workshop descriptions and vendors are being added.

If you know what you'd like to bring ahead of time, please put it below (with some ingredients in parentheses). But nothing wrong with picking something up from the store right before!

Mettā Potluck 🥘(Friday @ 7pm)

What should I bring? You’re welcome to bring a dish of any kind for a serving size of about 8 people (appetizer, entree, dessert, drinks etc.) Vegan/Vegetarian options will also be available from Camp Ramblewood and TryVegan

- Either one that you cook/bake yourself beforehand or something from the store you believe is good quality. Here’s a public excel sheet of all the contributions so we can coordinate what everyone plans to bring!

1. Music will stop as we gather together in the Cafeteria at 7:00pm On Friday the 4th

2. Introduce your dish, share a bit about yourself, and make eye contact :)

3. Start your meal with 90 second introductions around the table - who you are, not necessarily what you do!

4. Someone proposes a topic of conversation for the table.


Sha Golanski : Mindful Monkey Movement

To offer a practice that is both physically engaging and also widely accessible, something sacred and also silly. Weaving together elements of Yoga, Parkour, Functional Fitness, Cacao Ceremony & Smile Inducing Group Games...Mindful Monkey Movement is a unique & playful practice that will nourish your body while invigorating your spirit.

Come Play 🐒💫

Cutting Tree.jpeg

Borneo’s Vanishing Tribes a film by Chelsea Greene

A documentary about an indigenous tribe, a ruthless industry, and a primeval rainforest. The Dayak tribes of Kalimantan are the victims of an ecological war with international companies and palm oil. Our film whisks you on an emotional journey first hand through their struggle with land grabbing; the vast majority of their sacred forest being converted to palm oil plantation. 75% of Borneo's forests are predicted to be destroyed by 2020 and with it the Dayak's spirit and culture.

A documentary about an indigenous tribe, a ruthless industry, and a primeval rainforest.


Inside-out Healing with a Sustainable diet with Chelsea Greene

Sustainable consumption; being an informed and responsible consumer is the most important thing everyone should be aware of. Through various film projects and travels I've gained knowledge about industries that are destroying the rainforest and experienced first hand the palm oil companies rein of terror on the forest of Borneo. I would love to lead a workshop to share this story and tips and facts about how to eat more sustainably; which leads to a healthier body and healthier planet.

Ecstatic Dance: 💃🏽with Atticus Mooney and the Bhava Collective

To empower individuals and communities through meaningful and playful embodied experiences that awaken their innate creative genius. This is a journey. You're invited to dive in for the full experience. It's dynamic, shape-shifting and full of surprise turns. This is not meant to be your average DJ set. Explore a range of genres and tempos that elicit emotional response, creative expression and playful connections with others. Ecstatic Dance is a conversation between music and bodies, encouraging each individual to tune into their unique embodiment and creative expression. No talking, shoes or substances in this wild and free form dance party that will awaken something magical within you.

90 minutes or more, DJ set, Sound meditation, Closing reflections

Freestyle Beat-making with Drum Circle Productions and Kyle Rudd

I would love to lead a beat making ableton workshop where I show people how to get creative with their voice and the

built in elements of ableton so theycan take those skills home. I'll discuss composing, mixing, sound design, sampling, and performance.

Game Time for Adults with Wade Appleton

For the weird, the silly, the loud, the outgoing! Through this workshop, we aim to instill a sense

of self-awareness, and spiritual growth through the use of games and activities. In this workshop,

participants will be asked to let go of their sense of self, let go of their fears, and embrace the

energies of human expansion and human experience (and, oh yeah, to have FUN)! We will begin

with various warm-up and focus exercises that aim to bring casts of actors (or a group of festival

go-ers) together as a unit; aiming to form one group energy, one group focus, one group mind -

functioning as one group entity. Once everyone is on the same page, we will play games that

help us explore different levels of social interaction, and develop an understanding of how and

why we treat other people differently. This workshop will be a really fun experience for people

who are looking for something different! Come play some games with us! (No acting/theatre

experience required)

Dreaming And The Vehicles For Lucidity with with Zach Wagner

To Discuss dreams and sleep, share personal experiences about dreams, explore and explain herbal supplements that induce states of lucidity and explore and explain natural methods to induce lucid dreaming.Herbal supplements: Calea zacatechichi, Galantamine, Salene Capensis, Valerian Root, Blue lotus, Mugwort, Wild asparagus root, Apples/apple juiceNatural methods: Sleep cycling Dream journal Wake induced lucid dreaming Meditation induced

- Vendors 👜(% Off W/ Digital Currency)


Siren Scepters

Mudra Made

Frank-in-Water LLC

We are Water Collective

Nue gallery-Mission Statement: presenting the finest new vintage and antique hand made jewelry and art from around the world to celebrate and educate people on the cultural roots and influences on contemporary art ant culture. >
: the finest new used and antique jewelry and art fairly and sustainably sourced whenever possible