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Beauty in the Backyard 2019!


(At Gathering)

For working 2, 4-hour shifts of the gathering, volunteers will receive: a free parking pass & free weekend pass for Beauty in the Backyard 2019.

Each volunteer has the option to chose the time and span of their shifts. For example, you can work from 8am-12pm, then take a break, and work from 7pm-11pm. Or you can work from 10pm-2pm, break then work 5pm-9pm. OR, you can work a 4 hours shift on Friday and another one on Saturday, your choice.

To ensure all shifts to be completed, we require a $50 deposit before the gathering. Once your Volunteer application is approved, you will get a special discount code for a "Volunteer Deposit - Free Ticket".

After successfully completing your work shifts and getting signed off by a Mettā staff member, you will be refunded your $50 ticket.

Available Roles:

Safety Creative:

- We care for our community, so much that we take preventative measures to ensure the maximum safety at this retreat. We're looking for staff security, lifeguards and safety team.

Green Team:

- We do our best to inspire sustainable living. But sometimes, some people still just seem to miss the recycling, compost and trash bins. Join the Green Team to help do our part to ensure a zero-impact experience and take care of the environment.

Builder Makers:

- Have you ever wanted to build something big and meaningful? We've got access to recycled materials and resources and need help building functional, interactive art for the retreat. Join the Builder Makers to help us ensure a strong and creative foundation of this experience.

Vibe Adjusters:

- Inspired by Bassnectar's team, Vibe Adjusters get to welcome and care for people by providing water, goodies and smiles to guests at our retreat. Possible interaction with artists. (Entry/ Information/Juice Bar/Wristbands/ Security) You can get creative when uplifting the crowd!

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