4 ways to earn free tickets:



To apply for a volunteer position, Please click here.

Or, go to https://theBackyard.world/volunteers



(performing Arts)

Calling All Performance Artists! Beauty In The Backyard Is Currently Casting A Collection Of Characters To Join Our Performing Artist Team.

Perhaps You Are Curious Clown Or An Awesome Aerialist, A Dynamic Dancer Or Fantastical Fiery Flow Artist, Metta Creative Would Like To Give You To The Opportunity To Showcase Your Performance Art At Beauty In The Backyard 2019!

To Apply As A Performing Artist , Click Here or go to (https://www.thebackyard.world/performing-artists) & Fill Out The Form Below And Our Team Will Reach Out In Order To Further Discuss How To Best Bring Your Art To The Backyard.

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For promoting Beauty in the Backyard with friends and family, you have the opportunity to earn a free weekend pass & free parking pass.

Once your Street Team application is approved, you will be contacted about picking up promo material and meeting up with other Street Team members.

You will be provided your own special discount code, which you can share for 15% off all ticket types

Here's the link: www.bit.ly/beautyinthebackyard2019

After your code is used 6 times to purchase a weekend experience pass, you will be rewarded a code for your free ticket for a full experience pass.

You will earn an additional $100 for every 6 times your code is used to purchase a full experience pass.

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4. Media Exchange:

(Multi media)

For capturing the magic at Beauty in the Backyard, you have the opportunity to earn a free weekend pass & free parking pass.

To apply for a Media Exchange position, please submit a link to your page/ portfolio for review.

If approved, we ask that you submit at least 100 quality photos or the equivalent in video after the event.

Once your application is approved, you will get a special discount code for your ticket.

To ensure all submissions, we ask for a $50 deposit before the gathering, in the form of the ticket described above.

When your submission is received and approved, we will refund your $50 ticket within two weeks after the event.

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