4 ways to earn free tickets:



To apply for a volunteer position, please click here. Or go to https://thebackyard.world/volunteer




For promoting Beauty in the Backyard successfully, the Street Team has the opportunity to earn a free parking pass & free weekend pass.

Once your Street Team application is approved, you will be sent a free Mettā Makers shirt, event flyers and Mettā heart stickers.

You will be provided your own special discount code on Eventbrite, a 3rd party ticketing platform, which you can share for 10% off all tickets.

Here's the link: www.bit.ly/beautyinthebackyard

After your code is used 5 times, you will be rewarded a code for your first free ticket.

After your code is used 9 times, you will be rewarded a different code for another free ticket.

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Media Exchange:

(Multi media)

For capturing the magic at Beauty in the Backyard, you have the opportunity to earn a free parking pass & free weekend pass.

To apply for a Media Exchange position, please submit a link to your page/ portfolio for review.

We ask that you submit at least 100 quality photos or the equivalent after the event.

Once your application is approved, you will get a special discount code for a "Photographer - Free Ticket".

To ensure all work to be complete, we require a $50 deposit before the gathering, in the form of this ticket: "Photographer - Free Ticket".

After your submission has been received and verified, you will be refunded your $50 ticket via Eventbrite.

Eventbrite, a 3rd party platform, allows us to refund you within 7 days of your submission.



Roaming Artist positions have been filled for this year’s Beauty in the Backyard. Please consider joining the street team or volunteering to get involved! See you in the backyard :)

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