Cabin Lodging: The most Peaceful way.


Staying in a cabin can be the most pleasant way to enjoy Beauty in the Backyard at Camp Ramblewood, and even better with friends!

Cabins include: Electricity, AC (air conditioning) clean showers, bathrooms, TempurPedic mattresses, privacy, storage and an absolutely beautiful Backyard experience.

Deposit: All cabin purchases must send a refundable $100 cleaning/security deposit by October 8th via PayPal to This deposit will be refunded after your cabin is verified as being completely clean & damage-free on Monday, October 15th.

Tickets here:

Cabin Prices:
13 person – $1170 [$45/person/night]
11 person – $1050 [$47.50/person/night]
10 person – $1000 [$50/person/night]
8 person – $840 [$52.50/person/night] (Parents Cabin available!)
7 person – $780 [$55/person/night]

Parking: For convenience, up to 2 cars will be permitted to park next to each cabin. Those cars must be parked at the cabin by 12PM Friday Oct 12th. All other cars require a parking pass.

Security:  Doors are lockable but you must bring your own padlock. Please be sure to make enough keys for the rest of your group!

Disclaimers: Most 7-person cabins are part of a quad which shares one large bathroom with 2 stalls and 2 showers. Cabins on the block of G-N do not have a private bathroom but there are two very large bathrooms on the same block which do have public access. Bathrooms will be designated as male/female or for anyone identifying as such. You will need to bring your own sheets and pillows. Admission is not included in the Cabin price, a separate admission pass is required. 

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