Cabin Lodging - Beauty in the Backyard

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Staying in a cabin can be the most pleasant way to enjoy Beauty in the Backyard at Camp Ramblewood, and even better with friends!

Cabins include: Electricity, clean showers, semi-private bathrooms, TempurPedic mattresses, privacy, storage, weather protection and an absolutely beautiful Backyard experience (cabins share a bathroom with an adjacent cabin).

Deposit: All cabin purchases must send a refundable $100 cleaning/security deposit by 9/27/19 via PayPal to This deposit will be refunded after your cabin is verified as being completely clean & damage-free by 10/9/19.

Cabin Rentals:

11 person – $1050 [$47.50/person/night]

10 person – $1000 [$50/person/night]

8 person – $840 [$52.50/person/night]

7 person – $780 [$55/person/night]

1 person (HostelStyle) – $60 [$20/person/night]

Hostel-Style Cabin Beds are available for $20 a night = $60 for the whole weekend, Thursday, Friday & Saturday night. Hostel Cabins are 13 beds each.

Parking: For convenience, one car will be permitted to park on the street or gravel (not on the grass please) next to your cabin. These cars must be parked at the cabin by 2PM Thursday Oct 3rd. All other cars require a parking pass and will park in the main lot.

Security:  Doors are lockable but you must bring your own padlock. Please be sure to make enough keys for the rest of your group!

Disclaimers: Most 7-person cabins are part of a quad which shares one large bathroom with 2 stalls and 2 showers. Cabins on the block of G-N do not have a private bathroom but there are two very large bathrooms on the same block which do have public access. Bathrooms will be designated as male/female or for anyone identifying as such. You will need to bring your own sheets and pillows. Admission is not included in the Cabin price, a separate admission pass is required. 

adrian cabin beauty in the backyard bitb